welcome to the ILF Douga Museum of Art

Takei Takeo

The World of Takeo Takei During the Taisho and Showa Eras (1912-1988), many picture magazines were founded for children. Of the many artists active during this time, one artist from Okaya, Takeo Takei coined the word Douga (children's picture) and established the World of Douga with the aim to create "pictures which touch the hearts of children."

Like the special word Douga, coined by Takeo Takei, Irufu was created using the reversed pronunciation of the word fu-ru-i (old), changing the meaning to new. This word was born of the search for the "new" and the creation of passionate, fresh ideas. We use this word as the name for our museum.

About the Museum

With the theme "Douga," which provides children with their dreams, the museum looks back on the history of Japanese Douga and introduces the artistic works of Takeo Takei.

Maurice Sendak

In addition to special exhibitions of other Douga artists, there is a permanent exhibition of works by American illustrator and author Maurice Sendak.

General Information

Hours9:00 - 18:00 (Last admission 17:30)
ClosedWednesday (except national holidays.),
and Year-End The New Year's Day.
Announcements will be made of other periodic closures.
Admission feeAdults : 510yen.
High School or College Students : 310yen.
Elementary Students : 160yen. Come visit the Harappa reading/play area for free!
ParkingPlease park your car in the city parking lot.
(first 5 hours free.)
Access GuideTrain : 6 minute walk from the JR Okaya Station (Across from Irufu Plaza)

Car : 10 minutes from the Okaya Interchange (Nagano Highway)